Semi Truck Lifestyle

Staff September 29, 2017 0
Semi Truck Lifestyle

Despite the fact that they live a hard life, many long-haul truck drivers would never dream of leaving the profession. A majority of them cringe at the thought of having to trade their current lifestyle for one that would force them to occupy space in a cramped office setting. This would put too many restrictions on the way that they like to live. For instance, working in a regular office setting requires normal 9-5 work hours. The concept of normal work hours is something that the trucking industry just does not have.

Semi-Truck drivers like the freedom of being out on the open road and visiting different destinations. Even though many of their trips are interstate miles and not scenic highway miles, they still get to see many parts of the country that the average person will never see during their lifetime. This viewpoint of the trucking industry would appeal to people who are looking for a job that is perceived to be nice and cozy.

Unfortunately, most semi-truck drivers don’t get to see what happens within the trucking world. They are hired and pulled into a hard way of life that many just are not cut out for. Long-haul truckers have to spend many lonely days and nights away from their family. Many times they can spend months away from home. They cannot see the strict deadlines that other truckers must adhere to get the job done. They may have heard the many the stories of truckers who are sleep deprived because they are trying to meet these deadlines. Because many trucking companies make trucking salaries seem like more than what they are, a lot of truckers are working for very little pay.

In addition to being stressed out mentally, truck drivers also suffer from many physical complications due to their harsh way of living. Years and even months of an abnormal lifestyle can bring on conditions such as sleep perinea, obesity, back problems, high blood pressure, arthritis and high cholesterol. This is the result of sitting long hours in one place and not getting any exercise.

To make the lifestyle a little easier, many truck drivers will begin looking for team trucking assignments. It still requires long hours, traveling plenty of miles and not seeing family for weeks and months at a time. However, it would mean someone else is willing to split the driving with you. Many times, depending on the trucking company, it also means splitting the pay.

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