This was the ‘future of trucking’ in 1964

Edwin Case October 9, 2017 0
This was the ‘future of trucking’ in 1964

This turbine powered behemoth ran completely silent and had six and a half feet of standing room in its cab.

In 1964 Ford debuted a gas turbine concept truck that was supposed to revolutionize the industry. The truck was nicknamed “Big Red” after the color of the giant fiberglass cab.

The truck was designed to pull a double trailer with up to 170,000 pounds capacity, and measured 96 feet from the front of the cab to the back of the last trailer.


It was powered with a 600 horsepower gas turbine engine, and according to testers was completely silent while running. It was also reported to have a completely smooth ride up to speeds of 70 miles per hour.

Inside the cab was six and a half feet of standing room, making it easy to access the built-in refrigerator, electric oven, and sink.


A mounted TV with side slats allowed co-drivers to watch television, while blocking off the driver’s view, in order to prevent distracted driving.

There was even a fold-up toilet with an electronic waste incinerator, eliminating the need to stop to use the rest room.

Big Red was built to run almost non-stop, only taking a break to change drivers, and made several successful trips around the country.

Ultimately though, like most concepts, it never made it to market.

The concept truck was eventually purchased by Holman-Moody, a legendary NASCAR racing team, but the current location remains a mystery. There are rumors that the truck was returned to Ford’s proving grounds in Dearborn, Michigan, where it is slowly rotting away.

Check out a vintage video, highlighting the features of this ‘futuristic’ rig, below.

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